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Why Pulse UK International Academy?

we provide OET offline (regular) as well as online training. OET available for 12 healthcare professionals and we focus on Nurses and Doctors. By proposing different techniques and demonstrations, Pulse UK help the candidate to attain maximum score.
We deliver 1 Month Offline training which include 30 sessions of Each Language Learning skills along preparation Materials for regular practice with experienced experts. Mode of transition includes Orientation Batch and Exam Preparation Batch. Our online training include 10, 20, 30 hour sessions.
Pulse UK International have a very feasible learning environment with Separate classrooms, language lab, Mock tests and Individual attention to students. We Starts two batches every month (first week & third week).

Pulse UK International

What We Provide?


Expert Sessions


Advanced Language Lab facilities


100+ Practice materials


Advanced infrastructure


Demonstrations On speaking


Feasible learning environment


Free Demo Class


Exam preparation batch


Students friendly campus


Mock tests


Doubt clearing sessions


Extra language improvement sessions

Occupational English Test is an English Language test for healthcare professionals recognized by various regulatory healthcare bodies. It assesses the language communication skills of healthcare professionals who wish to register and practice in an English-speaking Countries. OET is available 24 times per year and can be taken at test venues around the world. The exam costs $587 AUD and includes an array of services, 

OET is available in two different delivery modes. OET on Paper at a Test Venue, OET on Computer at a Test Venue. The test tasks, format and level of difficulty remain the same regardless of the mode of exam delivery and provide well grounded, reliable assessment of all four language skills – Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking – with an emphasis on communication in medical and health professional settings.

Involves learning a wide range of healthcare-related and profession-specific language, so test takers are able to follow, engage with and participate in a variety of clinical scenarios, as well as understand medical texts and talks. They need to be able to write a healthcare-related letter, such as a referral letter, at an advanced level. They need to acquire a range of exam techniques so they can work quickly and effectively in the test.

OET Includes

Test Includes in OET

Listening (50 minutes)

Part A starts with consultations between a professional and a patient. It includes two extracts. Part B has six short work place extracts, such as team briefings or handovers; Part C Includes two presentations extracts from health care professionals. All are set in a general medical context suitable for all medical professionals to follow.
(Follow and understand a range of health- and workplace – related spoken materials, Inc patient consultations, colleague to colleague dialogues and lectures on aspects of healthcare).

Speaking (20 minutes)

Part A – Warm up interview on professional background.

Part B – Two Role plays on profession – specific scenarios.3 minutes to prepare, 5 minutes role play on typical interaction between professional and patient.
(Describe, explain and discuss real-life matters; provide structure to the conversation; gather information and give options and information sensitively; communicate effectively and accurately)

Reading (60 minutes)

Part A – four different but related short texts on a single topic;

Part B – six short workplace texts;

Part C – two long texts on general healthcare topics suitable for all medical professionals.
(Read for gist, main ideas and opinion; read for details; understand different types of text on health – and workplace-related subjects, both professional and academic).

Writing (45 minutes)

Read case notes and write a letter, e.g. letter of referral or discharge. Topic must be profession specific, e.g. to nurses, doctors, dentists.
(Expand notes into accurate, relevant sentences; write clearly and effectively on health-related matters)


Frequently asked Questions About OET

What is the difference between OET & IELTS?

: Both exams are accepted by GMC and NMC . OET tests your ability to communicate in English and in healthcare sector (Medical English), Whereas IELTS tests your overall ability to communicate in English language. Every part of the exam related to real workplace situations.

What is the minimum Grades needed to clear OET?

The Minimum grade expected for certification is score of 350 (Grade B) in all Modules ( LSRW) . But in some countries you can club the score

What is clubbing Score ?

If you didn’t clear OET in your first attempt, you can write again and club the score . There are two things to keep in mind
You shouldn’t have a C grade
You can club only within 6 months
Several countries accepts OET with Below 350 points ( 300-350) in some components ( L-350 , S-350 , R-350 , W-300 ) .Then the grade will be 3-B & 1-C+ .

what countries recognize OET as proof on English Language proficiency ?

Australia , Canada , Ireland , New Zealand , United Kingdom , Maldives , Malta , Namibia , Philippines , Qatar ,Singapore , Spain , Ukraine , UAE and the United states of America

What are the prices of OET & the payment methods?

Those who are appearing for their OET need to pay registration fee of $ 587 AUD for the exam. All Payments towards of OET are require to be made through the online method, using a valid Visa or Master card .

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